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The town of New Milford was settled in 1707 and incorporated in 1712. New Milford is currently the largest town (square mileage) in the state of Connecticut and has a population of roughly 28,000. The town was originally policed by constables who were appointed by the first selectman or nominated by a political party and then elected. The constables were supervised by a State Trooper and the First Selectman who was also the Chief of Police.  The New Milford Police Commission was formed in 1969 and on July 1, 1969 the Police Department was formed. James Mancusi became the first Police Chief on September 15, 1969. The department was originally located on the first floor of Town Hall.The department’s first Canine, a German Shepherd named Xeno, was handled by Officer Walter Marcyin December 1969.  Frances Hallecks was the first female Officer and was hired in 1972 however Naomi Miller was the town’s first female constable.The Police Commission was abolished in 1987 after the town’s charter was revised.The Police Chief then reported to the Mayor and Town Council.  The department moved to its’ current headquarters in 1989.


Harmon Kenneth Couch, a constable for ten years, died in the line of duty on June 3, 1964.  Patrolmen Couch and Ted Adams responded to a report of a man and his 13 year old son whose boat may have capsized near the Bleachery Dam on the Housatonic River.  They utilized a small boat from a marina to enter the river however their boat was pulled into the dam and capsized.  Couch was trapped below the dam and drowned.  Adams was able to reach the shore.  The original report of the capsized boat was found to be unfounded.  On May 15, 2015, Ofc. Couch’s sacrifice was honored in a ceremony at headquarters where a memorial monument and plaque stand as a testament of his heroism.

Chief of Police

2018 – Present :
Spencer Cerruto
2010 – 2018 :
Shawn M. Boyne
1999 – 2010 :
Colin D. McCormack
1989 – 1999 :
James D. Sweeney
1984 – 1989 :
Gerald Olmsted
1973 – 1984 :
Theodore Adams
1969 – 1973 :
James Mancusi


The FBI National Academy is a professional course of study for U.S. and international law enforcement leaders that serves to improve the administration of justice in Police departments and agencies at home and abroad as well as to raise law enforcement standards, knowledge, and cooperation worldwide.  Participation is by invitation only, though a nomination process of those leaders and managers of State and Local Police, Sheriff’s Departments, Military Police organizations, and Federal Law Enforcement agencies. Participants are drawn from every state, U.S. territories, and from 150 international partner nations.

FBI Attendees 

Chief James Mancusi :
Session 66 – 1960
Chief Theodore Adams :
Session 97 – 1974
Lieutenant Walter Marcy :
Session 105 – 1976
Chief James Sweeney :
Session 113 – 1978
Chief Colin McCormack :
Session 161 – 1990
Captain Michael Mrazik :
Session 195 – 1998
Chief Shawn Boyne :
Session 241 – 2010
Deputy Chief Mark Buckley :
Session 247 – 2011