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Firearms and Tactics Unit


The mission of the New Milford Police Department Firearms and Tactics Unit is to provide members of the department with functional knowledge and mechanical skills necessary for the safe and proficient employment of firearms. This unit also aims to provide members with tactics, techniques, and procedures to respond to critical incidents such as active aggressors.

Training and Services

The Firearms and Tactics Unit currently provide the following training/services:

  • Semi-annual firearms (pistol, rifle, and less-than-lethal shotgun) qualification for all in-service officers
  • Annual firearms qualification for qualified New Milford Police Department retirees in accordance with the Law Enforcement Officer Safety Act (LEOSA)
  • Tactical employment of firearms
  • Active aggressor response
  • Repair and maintenance of all department firearms

The Firearms and Tactics Unit strives to continually improve its program of instructions through research, equipment testing and evaluation, and instructor development.