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Call 911

When you call 911;

*Stay Calm
*Tell the dispatcher where you are and where the emergency is
*Speak clearly and answer all questions
*Give your name and address
*Don’t hang up until told to do so
*Give any specific details

Our Communications Center

All calls for the Police Department are processed by our Communications Center. The New Milford Police Department currently employs nine (9) full time Emergency Dispatchers. Our Dispatchers are all Certified Telecommunicators and staff the Communications Center 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Their duties include, but are not limited to: 

  • Answering all 911 and non-emergency calls
  • Managing Police, Ambulance, and Fire radios
  • Dispatching all Police, Ambulance, and Fire calls
  • Handling walk-in complaints
  • Interfacing with the community

All Dispatchers are certified in Emergency Medical Dispatch (EMD) to provide pre-arrival instructions for emergency medical calls. Our Dispatchers have received State and In-House training, and re-certify biannually.

In 2018 our Communications Center handled 29,970 calls, including 3,890 911 Emergency calls.

Some Useful Numbers

Regional Animal Control: (860) 354-2138
CT DEEP Emergency Line: (860) 424-3000
CT State Police, Troop A: (203) 267-2200
CT State Police, Troop L: (860) 626-7900
New Milford Public Works: (860) 355-6040