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Dive Team


The New Milford Police Department Dive Team began in 1981 and is ready to respond to underwater rescue, recovery and investigations in the Town of New Milford, CT. New Milford encompasses numerous ponds, quarries, rivers and lakes including approximately 22 miles of waterfront on Candlewood Lake, the largest lake in Connecticut. Currently, the Dive Team consists of 7 Public Safety Divers led by Lieutenant Lee Grabner who has been a certified diver for 31 years. The team conducts training on a regular basis throughout the year in all weather conditions, practicing search techniques and underwater recoveries. The Dive Team will also respond to mutual aid calls to assist with water emergencies.


The mission of the New Milford Police Dive Team is to prevent and respond to water related emergencies, through education and continuous training. The team will work to locate, preserve and recover evidence on all bodies of water. This includes, but is not limited to, investigations of criminal activity, the recovery of persons believed lost to the water and objects on, in or under water.

MEMBER Certification Date NMPD Diver
Lieutenant Lee Grabner 1988 2003
Sergeant Frank Masi 1992 2015
Officer Brian Bollaro 2004 2003
Officer Ray Arnold 2013 2013
Officer David Petersen 2013 2013
Officer Ron Kurtz 2005 2013
Officer Chris Shaw 2016 2016

– All divers are certified at Advanced Open Water and trained at Dive Rescue 1 level.
– The team has 102 years of combined diving experience.