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Detective Bureau

Call (860) 355-2000


The investigation of a criminal offense is one of the most critical police functions. The detective’s main objective is to gather information that will successfully identify, apprehend, and prosecute a criminal offender. The Detective Bureau works closely with the Patrol Division and also collaborates with the US Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE), Homeland Security (HSI), US Postal Inspection Service, Connecticut State Police (CSP) and other local municipalities. The Bureau prepares and delivers evidence to the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Division of Scientific Services. The Bureau also obtains and executes search warrants, and prepares cases for trial at the Torrington Superior Courthouse.

The Detective Bureau has investigated, charged and obtained convictions for homicide, sexual assault, arson, child pornography, sex crimes, burglary, identity theft,  financial crimes, larcenies and drug related offenses.

The Detective Bureau also manages the anonymous tip line. The Police Tip Line is a special phone number which provides for anonymous reporting of criminal activity or suspected criminal activity for which an immediate Police response is NOT required. Call (860) 355-2000 to leave information about any suspected criminal activity or email us at tips@newmilfordpolice.org.

The Detective Bureau is commanded by Lieutenant Lee Grabner and supervised by Detective Sergeant Katherine Massicotte.  Currently, there are five officers assigned to the Detective Bureau; Detective Ronald Nunnink, Detective Scott Flockhart, Detective Jeannine Begley, Detective Mark Lynch and Detective Robert Guilbeault.


Detectives conduct criminal investigations dealing with all major crimes, often including:

Sexual assaults Burglaries
Aggravated assaults Robberies
Thefts Bias crimes
Child abuse White collar crimes
Computer crimes Narcotic activity
Arsons Missing persons
Suspicious deaths Financial crimes

Detectives process all crime scenes for forensic evidence and photograph the scene for future reference in Court proceedings. In the course of an investigation, Detectives regularly prepare, apply for and execute search warrants. They also take video and audio taped interviews from victims, witnesses and suspects. Subject to immediate recall to duty, a member of the Detective Bureau is always available to respond within a short time period.


The Detective Bureau maintains control and safekeeping of all property and evidence. This includes items that are lost and found, recovered stolen property and items that are seized as evidence of a criminal offense. Detectives submit evidence to the State of Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Division of Scientific Services for examination such as toxicology, presence of narcotics and DNA comparison. Evidence and property are disposed of in strict accordance with applicable Connecticut State Laws and Attorney General Guidelines.


Background investigations to determine the suitability for employment within the Police Department are also conducted by Detectives as well as any other additional special investigations as assigned by the Chief of Police