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Crash Reconstruction Team

The New Milford Police Department’s Crash Reconstruction Team (CRT) is responsible for conducting at-scene and follow-up investigation of motor vehicle crashes that result in the death or serious physical injury of a person or other motor vehicle crashes deemed necessary for an extensive investigation based upon circumstances presented at the time.

Members assigned to the Crash Reconstruction Team are on-call and respond to crashes any time in all sorts of weather conditions.  CRT members attend highly technical courses in photography, crash reconstruction, pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, commercial, and night-time crash investigation, vehicle occupant kinematics, crash data recorder analysis and interpretation, and using video evidence to reconstruct a crash. CRT members also receive extensive instruction in the interpretation of data collected at the scenes and from other evidence to determine vehicle speeds using algebra, physics, geometry and calculus. 

One of the most crucial components in the investigation of motor vehicle collisions is the measurement of the scene. Officers use lasers to measure the scene to record the limits of the roadway, as well as to document the location of the vehicles and other evidence. Measurements, in addition to other data, evidence, and witness statements, may be used in the investigation to assist in the determination of how the crash occurred, the speed of a vehicle involved in the crash, and/or to determine criminal culpability in a crash.