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Bike Patrol

The New Milford Police Department currently has several officers who have undergone training conducted by the International Police Mountain Bike Association (IPMBA). These officers conduct bike patrols of primarily the downtown area and local parks. Officers utilize basic riding skills as well as specialized tactics which are taught during the IPMBA course to fit the needs of the assignment at hand. These officers are able to respond to calls for service, conduct regular patrols, and respond to emergencies among other things. The bicycles are equipped with emergency lights and siren, making them emergency vehicles as well.

Bike patrols are an excellent way to bring the police department closer with our community. Officers are able to interact with significantly more people during patrols than an officer would be able to in a patrol car, or even on foot patrol. Bike patrols are also utilized during several community events such as Village Fair Days, Memorial Day, and the Fourth of July to name a few.