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Arrest and Control Unit

The Mission of the New Milford Police Department Arrest and Control Unit is to provide members of the department with understanding legal aspects of use of force and physical applications pertaining to officer arrest and control tactics. The Unit is responsible for the training of defensive tactics, baton, handcuffing, and OC deployment.

Training and Services

The Arrest and Control Unit currently provides the following training/services:

  • Annual training for defensive tactics and effective verbal de-escalation.
  • Assist with the instruction of the L.O.C.K. U.P. Training program at the Connecticut Police Academy and other remote academies.
  • Tactical employment of the Baton.
  • Tactical employment of the Handcuffs.
  • Tactical employment of O.C.
  • Passive Resistance, Defensive Resistance, Active Aggression and Aggravated Active Aggression.
  • Repair and maintenance of all batons, O.C., and handcuffs.