From the Office of the Chief of Police:

The State of Connecticut, Department of Transportation recently notified the New Milford Police Department of the approval of the New Milford Police Department's Highway Safety Project application entitled "FY 2014 High Risk Rural Roads-Speed Enforcement Program" effective August 5, 2014 through September 30, 2014.

Federal funds in the amount of $16,400.00 are obligated for enforcement and $3,790.00 for equipment for a total of $20,190.00 to this project in accordance with the approved 2014 Fiscal Year Connecticut Highway Safety Plan.

The New Milford Police Department will be conducting a "stepped up" enforcement campaign based on these additional resources designed to reduce the number of "avoidable" motor vehicle accidents by 15 percent.  The goal is achievable by working with our community, local and state partners.

Beginning 08/05/14, New Milford Police Officers will be patrolling our approximately two hundred thirty-five miles of Local roads and State roads identified as rural roads within our Town, concentrating on speed enforcement.  Our partnership with the community will play a major role in reaching our objective.  I encourage residents to contact the New Milford Police Department and share their concerns of areas where this campaign can be most effective.  (860) 355-3133.

Shawn M. Boyne

Chief of Police

Town of New Milford